How To Free Your Floor Coverings And Furnishings From Pet Odors

How To Free Your Floor Coverings And Furnishings From Pet Odors

While everyone adores their dogs or cats, most individuals hate the fact that when they come home from work they walk into their houses and smell nothing but their pets. One very clear answer is to keep your cat or dog outside the house all the time and not allow them in the house. I don’t know about you, but I could certainly not banish my four-legged friend to the backyard for the rest of his life. This article will explore several of the ways that you can filter out pet odors from your home.

For those with cats, there is nothing worse than walking in your house and smelling the litter box. If you replace the cat litter more than once a week, you can significantly decrease the smell. Although you may use cat litter that is combined with baking soda, putting in more baking soda can help to further reduce cat smells. The best way to smell your house up is to let your little box sit there and never take care of it.

There is a easy way to remove cat and dog stinks from the carpeting in your home. The first thing you will want to do is to find yourself a large spray bottle. At this point load the sprayer with water. Take a walk around the carpeted parts of your house spraying them with water. You really do not want to soak the carpeting, only make it a little moist. Next you will want to uniformly sprinkle baking soda on the dampened carpet.

If you own a carpet brush, use it to help the carpet take up the water and baking soda. In case you don’t own a carpet brush, this is simply a specially developed brush to use on carpets. In fact it looks more like a lawn rake than a traditional brush. You ought to be able to find one of these brushes at a carpet store or your neighborhood hardware store. If not, really anything you have will suffice.

As soon as your carpet is completely dry, you should vacuum the entire area. Urine odors, however, will not be thoroughly removed with this method. Regarding urine, you will need to visit a pet store and tell them that your looking for pet urine odor remover. Look for an item with enzymes in it. Typically the enzymes breakdown the urine which will help to stop the smell. You may use many of these methods on furniture too. Be aware that the techniques do not damage the fabric. The following is one final point to bear in mind if you are cleaning furniture. If you are one of those folks who spend $5,000 to buy a sofa, you can probably just afford to toss that one away and get a new one. Another alternative could be to pay an expert to clean it professionally. Pets can cause some pretty bad messes, make sure you’re on top of things and if you don’t want your nice furniture mess up, don’t get nice furniture!