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We are your carpet and general remodeling specialist! We have a TON of good advice to offer in terms of home improvement. We’ve got a large body of blog posts stuffed full of good information here for you to read if you like! When it comes to remodeling, not everything is going to be simple or work how you think.

You can probably handle all of your general remodeling work by yourself as long as you have some prior knowledge with building and you’re good at researching how to do things. Most things you’ll want to do around your house are very manageable, but others will require extreme skill and precision. Take your bathroom for example. Say you want to replace your skin with a new one. Most people will know to turn off their main water before they begin, but not all! Take care to be as cautious as you can at all times. If it’s a more involved job like refinishing your bathtub or replacing your shower completely, you probably need to call in some specialist to get the job done.

Carpeting isn’t too hard to handle by yourself, as long as you know what to do or can look it up, most people can do it. If anything you’ll struggle most just lugging around heavy carpet. It’s important that you replace your carpet at some points in your life, it picks up and holds onto a lot of things that you don’t want floating around your home. Carpet may cost a fair amount, but beyond being functional it’s a great design feature for your home.

Their’s no shame in asking for help when you need it. Think of it this way. If you try to do something you know you can’t, chances are that you’re going to mess it up and now in addition to the job still needing to be done, you need someone to come fix the job you just messed up. Beyond that, a lot of us are just busy and don’t want to have to put the time and effort into a job. That’s totally fine too. If you need help with anything specific, contact us and let’s see if we can figure it out.

It’s so easy for your carpet to get dirty, and almost as easy to not notice it or forget about it before you get around to cleaning it up at all. Ideally carpet should be replaced every 10-20 years, it just collets so much dust and debris sitting there for all those years and eventually isn’t even worth cleaning. If you have chronic allergies for seemingly no reason, your carpet could actually be the cause! The best thing you can do for yourself is look into regular, periodic, carpet cleaning.

A real good deep carpet cleaning once or twice a year could add a long time to your carpet’s lifespan while keeping it looking better and not causing you any ill-effects.¬†If you need a carpet cleaning, or just want to learn how one would be done, read our webpages and blog posts!