We all have some pieces of furniture that we favor more than others, likely a select few heirlooms that you’d take with you anywhere you go. A lot of us also have cheap furniture that we don’t really care about either way, and for a lot of us once we’ve gotten our money’s worth out of it, it’s time to just get rid of it. The more expensive or sentimental items are well worth the price of repair/refinishing though. Furniture repair is able to take your old stuff from looking broken down and used to looking like it just came off the factory line.

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A specialized field like furniture repair takes many years of practice and learning to even begin to grasp reasonably. Your average joe isn’t going to be able to do an hour’s worth of research and re-do a piece of furniture. Not only do you have to be able to source the materials you need, but you need to have specialized tools to do different things that can be extremely expensive to buy outright. Not only will a pro have all the tools they need, but they’ll be able to source any materials they need quite easily. DIY work risks you wasting tons of money on supplies, or even worse just completely ruining your beloved piece of furniture.

These words tend to be synonymous, but they do have different definitions when you break it down. Restoration is generally minimal work, light cleaning and minimal repair. The end goal is always to maintain the base structure and improve the appearance so it retains all of it’s value and keeps looking great for years. Refinishing is more in-depth and involves stripping the finish off of the piece. Wood is treated with chemical strippers, sanded, stained, and then refinished. Do beware that some antique pieces CAN lose value after being refinished. If value matters to you, you need to do research and talk with your refinished before making any choices.

Furniture Repair Atlanta

Be wary about refinishing anything that isn’t solid wood when you’re refinishing, some surfaces just aren’t good for it. Things like MDF and particleboard are cheap, mass-produced, and not worth the time or money. When it comes to a true antique with real value, you do not want to refinish it 99% of the time if the value matters to you. The best candidate are solid wooden factory-made pieces, they’re great mediums for refinishing and solid pieces that will serve you well for a long time.

So, if you have a piece of furniture that you love but it’s unfortunately falling apart or just not looking as good as you want it to, refinishing is a perfect and affordable option over replacement. Repair furniture Atlanta costs a fraction of the cost of replacement and you get to keep what’s yours for a much longer time. It means it’ll be in good enough shape to pass down to your kids or whatever else you may want to do.