Custom Cabinetry Installation in Raleigh, NC

When you think of cabinets in the home, you tend to automatically think about the kitchen and bathroom, that’s generally about it. Understandable, as those are the places that pretty much everyone has cabinets in their home. But they can also be used for so much more than that, don’t limit your storage! Edgewood can make you custom cabinets to fit literally anywhere in your house that you want them to, from bookshelf tv stands to bar shelf storage, if you can dream it up they can make it. You shouldn’t have to struggle for storage space in your own home of all places, get the storage that you need and deserve. They can be made to fit any room and style you can imagine, your possibilities are near limitless. Your average stock cabinets are good enough at what they do, but they just aren’t quite as adaptable and flexible as you may need them to be.

When performing any custom made cabinet setup, you can feel completely confident and comfortable knowing that staff members use careful consideration and care to be able to make the ideal custom cabinets potential. In Raleigh NC, one company, Custom Cabinets, was successfully producing custom cabinets for a variety of applications and styles, such as counter tops kitchen and storage cabinetry.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinets are superior to any stock or pre-built cabinet you’re going to find anywhere; you can take that to the bank. One of the biggest issues with stock cabinets are that they tend to just come in a “one size fits all” size. And we all know that’s never going to work for everyone, so a lot of stock cabinets require some kind of modification to themselves or the place they’re going to fit properly. That’s just an unnecessary annoyance that nobody wants. If you want a more specialized layout or design, chances are low that you’ll find anything even close to it. Most stock cabinets are literally just a stack of shelves with some swinging doors on the outside. But sometimes you may need something with doors that slide or with much bigger shelf space, things only custom cabinets can achieve for you. They can be built any way and to fit anywhere, they are truly fantastic. Custom cabinets will certainly cost you more money, but you’ll be getting so much more out of them. You can even choose what type of wood you want used and you can trust that they’ll last you for a lifetime hopefully, while stock cabinets are all the same cheap wood and they may actually not end up lasting you a lifetime.

Custom cabinets are great for those high traffic areas of the home where you desperately need storage but you still want it to look as nice as possible. Take your entrainment system for example. You probably have TV boxes and wires all over the place that would look much better if hidden. Well a custom made entertainment center will have all of the space and areas you need for your boxes, games, whatever you’ve got going on while still looking really good. You can designate where you want what and literally everything. Plus since it’s hand made to your specifications you can rely on the materials and workmanship being top notch. Custom cabinets are fantastic for those high traffic areas that always seem to get cluttered up with things regardless of what you do to avoid that. The entrance to your home, especially if you have kids going in and out, is probably full of sports gear, shoes, jackets, whatever you can imagine. With custom cabinets, every single person in your home can have their own space for all of their stuff. This means your home’s entrance is going to be far cleaner and everyone is going to be able to find their stuff when they need it, no more looking through piles of clutter for what you need! That alone is worth the price to some.

Hardwood Cabinet Installation

Custom cabinets are like the fine dining of furniture. They are designed with every little specification that you want, and hand-crafted by only the best master cabinet makers. They add a special touch to your home with the exact appearance and feeling that you want, something you really just can’t get elsewhere. They build cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms and mud rooms. Cabinets Raleigh also build island cabinets, entertainment centers, bookcases and built-ins. If you need a cabinet in a particular place, they’ll be able to design and build something that’ll work. If you’re not convinced, just take a moment and think about what custom cabinets could do for you around your home, think of all the little areas that would make fantastic storage areas as long as it could be integrated well. Those minutes of time it saves you from spending cleaning up and searching for other things really add up and give you a lot more time to do the things you actually want to be doing. What’s better than extra convenience and more you time?