Hunting, for those that do it often and those that have never done it, is a fantastic experience and one worth experiencing. It allows you to be close to nature and helps develop respect for it, a lot of people just don’t experience or have respect for the outdoors anymore. Hunting isn’t just about walking outside and shooting the first thing you see, it’s a long activity that can take a serious time and effort investment. Some hunters out there on their own will spend days or even weeks tracking one particular animal just to get the chance to take a shot at it, it all builds up to the big moment. With hunting the smallest things can have the biggest impacts, even things as small as keeping your scent downwind and not giving off much scent in the first place. Hunting is also great for bringing people together, corporate hunting retreats are quite popular and a fantastic way to bring people together! You may be skeptical at the whole idea of going out and killing something, but as long as you’re using as much of the animal as possible you’re good to go. Even regular hunters hate hunters who do nothing but kill for trophy, those people ruin the sport. As long as you eat and use what you kill, all is well. Most of the animals that are regularly hunter are nuisance anyways and populations need to be limited artificially, like deer and wild hogs.

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Before a hunt can even start you need to identify what you’re hunting, the terrain you’re hunting in, what weapon you’re using, potential risks, where the animal you’re hunting is, the clothes you’re wearing, your scent, and so much more! We also want to mention that before anything hunting starts with gun safety. Too many hunters have been accidentally shot while hunting, it’s avoidable as long as you exercise the utmost caution while you’re out there. As you know animals have amazing senses of smells, at the first scent of anything weird they’ll run. They’ll also run if they see you moving, so you need to stay camouflaged at all times. You have to think about all the little things. Being in this high pressure environment is great for team building, from coworkers to family members! A good hunt just means you were able to share the fun experience with others and grow from it, it doesn’t even always mean you get the kill you wanted. The most popular animals to hunt in America are deer, wild hogs, and fowl. They’re all available in massive numbers and the populations need controlling. If you haven’t heard, wild hogs are causing somewhat of an epidemic thought the country, if you kill one of them you’re doing someone a favor.

If you want to go hunting completely on your own, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of little things that aren’t the hung itself, like trying to find somewhere to actually hunt. At a lodge all you worry about is going out and having the best hunt that you can. A hunting lodge is going to give you a warm bed, three solid hot meals a day, and a launching spot for you to start your hunt. A lodge just takes all of the stuff that may not be as fun out of your hands so you can enjoy the people you’re with and experiences you have above all else. Most hunting lodges have experienced guides working there, meaning you’re going to have a bit of a head start on your hunts. Lodges tend to be settled within huge pieces of land, meaning you can hunt without even having to worry about what direction you’re shooting. It also means you won’t have any shortage of animals and land to use.

Hog Hunting

Hunting is a great activity that people have been partaking in for thousands of years now, and if it’s something completely new to you it’s worth trying out just to see what you think about it. You also don’t even have to hunt with a gun if that’s not for you, you can use traps or bows just as easily if that’s more for you. Georgia hog hunting is a sport of trial and error, it doesn’t always work out how you want it to. On the contrary, sometimes you’re going to randomly have the best hunt of your life, that’s just how it works. Hunting is great on your own, but we can’t recommend enough going to a lodge so you completely focus on your hunt with no distractions. Happy hunting if you give it a try!